What is our ministry?

Our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ...

commanded that His church preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). Since the issuance of this great commission, the good news of salvation by faith alone through Christ alone has been proclaimed across the globe by His followers. In particular, Pastors, missionaries, and career Christian workers have dedicated their lives to this mission.   While some went to far away places and still others stayed at home, these soldiers of the Faith have lived sacrificially by faith believing that God would meet their needs. Many of God's full-time laborers are retiring to find that living expenses are high, what they had saved is stretched thin, and that they are living longer than their predecessors.   

Ron & Joy Hemsworth

Ron & Joy Hemsworth


Jacob & Stephanie

Our two youngest children are Jacob and Stephanie.  Jacob is in his second year of an automotive program at Southwest Community College (SWCC) in Creston, Iowa. Stephanie is a high school senior this year taking general education classes at SWCC and also taking some on-line classes from Faith Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary in Ankeny, IA (FBBC&TS). They are both planning to go to FBBC&TS next fall. They both have part-time jobs and Stephanie plays high school sports.  They travel with us only part of the time so that they can be involved in First Baptist Church's youth ministry



Our family in November 2017

(Back From left to Right)  Avery & Elizabeth, Jacob, Stephanie, Aaron, Ronnie & Olivia (Front) Ron & Joy 

(Back From left to Right)  Avery & Elizabeth, Jacob, Stephanie, Aaron, Ronnie & Olivia
(Front) Ron & Joy