Praise & Prayer


  1. God has brought us past 72% of our support and this means we were able to attend Launch Seminar at Baptist Mid-Missions in January 2018.
  2. For a couple in their early 30s with seven children who are making application with Baptist Mid-Missions to serve at Missionary Acres
  3. For new ministry partners.  We currently have 31 individuals/families & 10 churches supporting us
  4. New residents who have moved in at Missionary Acres
  5. Volunteers who have served at the Acres in 2017!

Prayer Requests

  1. Speaking opportunities this year.
  2. Wisdom in planning this spring and summer.
  3. Retirees to fill 1 duplex apt. & 4 empty homes at Missionary Acres
  4. Several handymen volunteers to spend some extended time serving at Missionary Acres
  5. New monthly ministry partners to raise our support and get us to Missionary Acres by the summer of 2018
  6. Connections with potential future Missionary Acres residents (pastors/missionaries)
  7. Health and strength for the current staff at Missionary Acres