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Our Monthly Support Needs

Our monthly support need is set by Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM) based on our family and ministry needs. At the present time, we praise God for 12 churches and 34 individuals/families who have brought us to 80% of our total monthly need. When we reach 100% of our support, we will move to Missionary Acres and begin our ministry there. Our total monthly need is separated into two categories - personal expenses and ministry expenses. Personal expenses include food, housing, utilities, clothing, education, medical expenses, taxes, retirement, and personal vehicle expenses. This accounts for 60% of our overall support. Ministry expenses include BMM's group insurance, BMM missionary services, donor communications, work funds, and ministry vehicle. These items account for about 40% of our total need.   


One-Time Expenses

A missionary needs to raise their monthly support in order to get to the field. In addition, they must also raise their "outfit and passage." This involves the initial expense of getting them to the field.   In our case, the initial expenses that we will have will involve replacement of a worn-out deputation vehicle and moving to Missionary Acres. A gift toward our "outfit and passage" can be made to Baptist Mid-Missions and designated as such. 

We have also already begun remodeling this house. In order to make our home move-in ready, we estimate the following expenses:

  • Flooring - $4000

  • Kitchen cabinets - $4000

  • Paint, sink, vanities, etc. - $3000

  • Appliances (washer/dryer, refrigerator, dish wash washer, stove/hood) - $2500

This list totals $13,500. Rather than designate individually to each cause, contributions to our house project can be made to Baptist Mid-Missions and designated for Missionary Acres House #54.

Individuals and churches who are unable to support us on a monthly basis may choose to make a one-time gift towards our initial outfit and passage and/or our house project. 


We are humbled by the generous giving of God's people for our ministry to retired servants of the Lord. Without you, Missionary Acres could not continue to provide for these heroes of the faith. We say "thank you" and realize that you are a real part of our ministry fruit to the praise of our Lord Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:17-19).  

All gifts given to us for our ministry go through Baptist Mid-Missions and are tax deductible. Individuals and churches interested in joining our monthly support team must contact Baptist Mid-Missions and let them know their intention. 

Baptist Mid-Missions

In order to count as a financial partner toward our monthly support, please call or write the home office of Baptist Mid-Missions. Our missionary number is 702821. If you desire to write them, you can print the support form below, fill it out, and mail it to Baptist Mid-Missions. Please let BMM know whether you want to give monthly, quarterly, or annually toward our support percentage.

Missions Agency
Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation
P.O. Box 308011
Cleveland, OH  44130-8011
(440) 826-3930