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Occasionally, we are asked for media by pastors, churches, and/or ministries for publications. This page is for that purpose. Simply copy and paste what you can use from here.

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Ron & Joy Hemsworth

Ron & Joy Hemsworth have been in the pastorate for twenty-six years. They were appointed by Baptist Mid-Missions to Missionary Acres in Silva, Missouri in 2014. They have five adult children. God has called them to serve on staff at Missionary Acres to minister to pastors, missionaries, and career Christian workers who are in their retirement years. Ron & Joy speak in churches and various ministries (camp, VBS, retreats, etc.) passionately sharing God's Word and the ministry of Missionary Acres.


Ron Hemsworth

Ron Hemsworth graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa in 1986. Since that time, he has been a pastor in Washington, Oregon, and Minnesota. While pastoring, he has also worked as a bus driver, contractor, police chaplain, and an Advanced EMT. He received his Master of Arts degree in Practical Theology from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary in Ankeny, Iowa in 2015. He now serves with Baptist Mid-Missions on staff with Missionary Acres in Silva, Missouri. Part of his ministry is to represent Missionary Acres and its provision for Baptist pastors, missionaries, Christian school teachers, and Bible college professors and staff. He enjoys spending time with his wife and family, guns, deer hunting, technology, and drone videography.


Joy Hemsworth

Joy Hemsworth graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa in 1986. Since that time, she has been a pastor's wife, a homeschool mother of five children, and now a missionary with Baptist Mid-Missions serving at Missionary Acres in Silva, Missouri with her husband Ron Hemsworth. Joy likes to read, go for walks and runs, spend time with her family, and serve the Lord alongside Ron.