What is Missionary Acres?

Nestled in the lush, forested foothills of the Ozark Mountains is a beautiful, friendly, caring retirement community called Missionary Acres. Located in Wayne County, Missouri, Missionary Acres is a place where those who have faithfully served the Lord Jesus Christ can enjoy their retirement years and continue to serve their Savior. Missionary Acres is a place of beauty and independent living, coupled with the fellowship of a family.

The concept for such a place was born in the heart of a caring pastor named Charles Emerson. Brother Emerson and his family purchased 63 acres of property, built a chapel, and established a ministry among the local residents. Due to advancing age and health problems, Pastor Emerson graciously donated the property to Baptist Mid-Missions in 1962. Baptist Mid-Missions shared Brother Emerson's idea to establish a retirement community for independent Baptist missionaries. The idea was to develop a place where inexpensive housing could be provided for missionary retirees. The ministry still carries the name that Brother Emerson gave it so long ago.

Although southeastern Missouri may seem far removed from essential services, Missionary Acres is actually located near the geographical center of the United States. An ever improving highway system provides easy access to stores, banks, restaurants, hospitals and recreational areas. U.S. Route 67, which lies just 3 1/2 miles west of Missionary Acres, is a four lane divided highway.

Southeast Missouri has less congestion, noise, pollution and crime than most areas of the United States. Missionary Acres embodies quality of life. It is a place of clean air and water. A central well provides the residents with an ample supply of pure drinking water. Our well water was voted the best tasting drinking water in Missouri by a panel of judges during a contest sponsored by the Missouri Rural Water Association in 2005! 

The cost of living in southeast Missouri is less than in most areas of the US. The goal of Missionary Acres is to provide quality housing that is affordable enough for retirees who are living on minimal finances. This is possible because each of the staff is financially supported by churches and individuals rather than being paid a salary by the ministry.

New residents may choose an existing house or a new home site to build. If they choose to build a new home, they only pay for the materials. The staff oversees the construction of the home; with volunteers doing the majority of the work. Residents who move into an existing home pay a very affordable amount up front and receive a life lease on their home.  

The residents of Missionary Acres enjoy complete freedom to come and go as they please. While they are gone, their home will be cared for by the staff. Residents also enjoy the family atmosphere at Missionary Acres. What a blessing to be surrounded by friends who have served the Lord faithfully their entire lives! The staff plans about twenty activities a year for the residents so there are plenty of opportunities for fellowship.

 We invite you to come for a visit and experience Missionary Acres yourself!

Contact Ken Moon, Missionary Acres administrator, to schedule your visit. He can be reached at (573) 224-3710 or missionaryacres@semo.net.