Our Family

We praise God for each of the five children that He has given to us. With our youngest two attending Faith Baptist Bible College this year, we are new empty-nesters.


Ronnie & Olivia Hemsworth

Our oldest son Ronnie and his wife Olivia live in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Ronnie is the Associate Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church. Olivia works as a vet tech. Their first child was born on October 5, 2018 which made us grandparents. Ronnie enjoys hunting, fishing, carpentry, and the outdoors in general.

“Will” is really growing!

“Will” is really growing!


Aaron Hemsworth

Our middle son lives in Ankeny, Iowa and works in an emergency room in West Des Moines as an RN. He earned his bachelor's degree in health science. His goal is to attend medical school and become a doctor. He enjoys firearms, hunting, and entertaining people with his sense of humor.


Avery & Elizabeth Snyder

Our oldest daughter Elizabeth and her husband Avery also live in Ankeny, Iowa. Avery is a supervisor at FedEx Freight and is finishing an online business administration degree from Liberty University. Their son, Liam, was born on December 30, 2018. Liam was 10 weeks early and his twin, Noah, passed away. Liam is thriving now and we praise the Lord for him.

Nana and Liam!

Nana and Liam!


Jacob Hemsworth

Our youngest son, Jacob, is also our tallest son at 6' 3". He is twenty-one years old and is attending Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa. He enjoys auto mechanics, hunting, guns, and the outdoors.


Stephanie Hemsworth

Our youngest child is Stephanie. She earned enough college credits during high school to enroll last year at Faith Baptist Bible College as a sophomore. Her major is office administration and she is on the volleyball team. She loves sports, music, and selling things on-line.