Monthly Support

Because Missionary Acres is mission owned, the staff is not paid salaries. Instead, our financial support team will provide for all of our personal living expenses and the costs related to serving at this ministry (medical insurance, travel, vehicle, etc.)  

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Our financial support team currently includes 14 churches and 33 individuals/families. Each has determined what amount they will contribute monthly. This ranges from $25 to $460/month. Donations can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually.  They are all distributed to us on a monthly basis and tax deductible.


Only when our monthly financial support is at 100%, we will move to Missionary Acres. Just a couple of partners joining at this point could get us over the mark.

Reach out to us if you have questions. God is calling more people and churches to partner with us. If you are one of them, we would love to hear from you!


 One-time Gifts

Passage Expenses

Our passage account will cover one-time expenses as we move to Missionary Acres. This will pay for our move from Iowa to Missouri and allow us to buy a newer vehicle for traveling. PRAISE ITEM - THIS ACCOUNT IS 100% FUNDED.

house remodel

Our future home at Missionary Acres needed extensive remodeling. Much of this work is paid for and done.

Approximately $6,000 is needed to complete our home remodeling project.

Donations for our house can be made to Baptist Mid-Missions -  designated Missionary Acres house #54. 

Giving to our Ministry at Missionary Acres


Make checks payable to Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation and write "Hemsworth 702821" in the memo. Mail to:

Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation
PO Box 308011
Cleveland, OH 44130-8011



You may set up ongoing support through our online giving page or by downloading the Declaration of Intent for Support form. (NOTE: Do not fill out the form on your browser screen, but download it to your computer first. To download, click File>Save As in your browser. Before filling out, please read the instructions by clicking on the form's yellow pop-up icon in the upper left corner.)



Click to give online.  You will be redirected to BMM's secure giving page. Click on the first drop-down option and choose #3.  In the second drop-down option, choose Hemsworth, Ronald - 702821. Complete the form and click submit.



• To make a single contribution, call BMM at 440-826-3930.
• To set up recurring contributions by credit card, click on online giving.

We are humbled by the generous giving to this ministry for retired Christian workers. Missionary Acres is dependent upon gifts such as these in order to continue to its vital ministry. All gifts are submitted to Baptist Mid-Missions and are charitable contributions for tax purposes.